Activate 2020 is just around the corner. Lucidworks annual search and AI conference is happening virtually this year on September 24th from 9am to 3pm PT. Register today to take part in over 30 sessions from some of the brightest minds in search and data science, along with IT and ecommerce leaders and learn how to deliver connected digital experiences that empower employees and delight customers.


If you haven’t looked already, be sure to check out the full agenda for inspiring keynotes, technical talks, case studies, and networking opportunities. This year’s Activate keynote speakers include executives from:

  • Lucidworks: Will Hayes, CEO. Learn about the future of connected experiences and build inspired strategies to bring back to your organization.
  • Lenovo: Marc Desormeau, Product Owner for Site Search and Product Data Optimization. Learn how Fusion helped Lenovo deliver automation at scale with AI-powered search, both improving business results and reducing the cost and time to maintain the site. Hear Lenovo’s journey and how they’re looking beyond the traditional use case of search.
  • Forrester: Faith Adams, Analyst. Discover the two keys to CX success from Forrester analyst Faith Adams. Learn how to create a connected view of your customer experience and enable and empower your people to help transform your organization.
  • Morgan Stanley: Dipendra Malhotra, Head of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management AI, ML, Analytics and Data. Learn how Lucidworks Fusion and search relevance are helping to leverage the same content for automating search and chat for client-facing and financial advisor-facing channels at Morgan Stanley.
  • Salesforce: Jake Mannix, Software Architect, Search Relevance. Learn how to maximize business value in a digital environment where search queries are the primary view onto your user’s needs. Jake will share a short list of what ML capabilities are required for search engines to get a “seat at the table” of user’s highly divided attention.

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Learn From the Brightest Minds in AI and Search

Activate brings together search experts, data scientists, ecommerce leaders, IT professionals, and other innovators using search and AI to help customers find what they are looking for and connect employees with information and insights. Dive into case studies and networking opportunities and learn how to unlock the value of your data to drive digital transformation in your organization.

In addition to the keynotes and talks from Lucidworks internal experts around AI, machine learning, cloud infrastructure, and natural language processing, Activate 2020 will also feature talks from these organizations:

  • ExxonMobil: “Uncovering Patterns and Insights at Scale with NLP at ExxonMobil” with Claire Boetticher, Data Scientist and Chris Caudill, Data Scientist
  • PWC: “Solving for the Last Mile of Relevancy at PwC” with Viren Patel, Director
  • Red Hat: “Optimizing Customer Self-Solve Experience Using Intent at Red Hat” with Jaydeep Rane, Senior Data Scientist and Manikandan Sivanesan, Principal Software Engineer
  • REI: “A Weighty Conversation about Sku Availability Relevance Tuning at REI” with Joshua Groppe, Lead Software Engineer, Jake Pratt, Data Science Product Manager, and Luke Warwick, Program Manager: Search and Browse
  • Target: “Context-Sensitive Autocomplete Suggestions Using LSTM and Pair-Wise Learning at Target” with Dileep Patchigolla, Lead AI Scientist and Manohar Sripada Senior Engineering Manager

Mark your calendars for September 24th to attend virtual Activate and get your pass. Follow Activate along on Facebook and Twitter for real-time updates and how to get the most out of your #Activate2020 experience.


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