Activate, the Search and AI Conference, will be hosted online in 2020 and the call for submissions is now open. Activate brings together search experts, data scientists, ecommerce leaders, and IT professionals focused on connecting users with data and content through contextual, personalized digital experiences.

Activate showcases technical expertise in search, machine learning, and next-generation conversational interfaces (like chatbots, virtual assistants, and voice assistants) along with business perspectives and case studies from leading organizations.

If you have an innovation or project to share related to the topics below, please submit your talk by July 17, 2020 to present alongside the best and brightest in search and AI at Activate. Submissions will be considered for virtual Activate conference programs throughout the year and into 2021.


Suggested Topics

Search Relevance Personalization, relevance tuning, signals, recommendations, query optimization, learning to rank, avoiding “zero results” queries, user segmentation modeling, automated query rewriting, and A/B testing
AI, ML, & Data Science

Deploying machine learning models in search, natural language processing (NLP), semantic search, deep learning in search, recommendation systems, user segmentation modeling, sentiment analysis, document visualization, and predictive analytics

Next-Gen User Interfaces Chatbots, virtual assistants, voice assistants, conversational AI, image recognition, and visual search
Digital Commerce Product discovery case studies, product recommendations, personalization, customer experience (CX), merchandising, add-to-cart and conversion rate optimization, customer insight, analytics, ROI measurement, margin optimization, user-propensity modeling, call deflection, and self-service support
Digital Workplace Digital transformation case studies, data accessibility, digital experience for knowledge workers, modernizing IT systems, document summarization, employee self-service, help desk ticket deflection, and ROI measurement
Lucidworks Fusion

Case studies showcasing how your organization uses Fusion to deliver enhanced search experiences for customers and employees or technical talks about how to get the most out of Fusion

Solr Development

New features in Solr, plugins, ongoing development, faceting, streaming analytics, geospatial search, data ingestion at scale, querying at scale, performance, and any other interesting Solr projects

Cloud Infrastructure

Architectural patterns and autoscaling, public cloud deployments, Kubernetes, ZooKeeper, cloud platforms, DevOps, and Lucidworks Managed Search

COVID-19 Response Case studies demonstrating how search and AI helped your organization respond to COVID-19 more effectively


If you have expertise in these or related areas, please submit your talk by July 17, 2020.

Virtual Activate events will feature the same high quality content and networking opportunities you’ve come to expect from in-person Activate events. The first edition of Virtual Activate will take place in September 2020 (stay tuned for details) and will include inspirational keynotes and expert-led breakout sessions.

In addition to educational talks, attendees will have the chance to interact within the virtual event environment in the networking lounge, and during live Q&A following each session, hosted chats on key topics, and chats with sponsors and in demos in the virtual Expo. We look forward to seeing you (virtually) at Activate!

Activate began as Lucene Revolution and later became Lucene/Solr Revolution, an event that brought together the Apache Solr open source community. The event relaunched as Activate in 2018 with an expanded focus on machine learning. Activate is hosted by Lucidworks, who provides AI-powered search and data discovery solutions to the world’s largest organizations.

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