The Apache Lucene community has just released versions 2.9.4 and 3.0.3.  Here is the release announcement:

Both releases fix bugs in the previous versions:

  • 2.9.4 is a bugfix release for the Lucene Java 2.x series, based on Java 1.4.
  • 3.0.3 has the same bug fix level but is for the Lucene Java 3.x series, based on Java 5.

New users of Lucene are advised to use version 3.0.3 for new developments, because it has a clean, type-safe API.

This release contains numerous bug fixes and improvements since 2.9.3 / 3.0.2, including:

  • a memory leak in IndexWriter exacerbated by frequent commits
  • a file handle leak in IndexWriter when near-real-time readers are opened with compound file format enabled
  • a rare index corruption case on disk full
  • NumericRangeQuery / NumericRangeFilter sometimes returning incorrect results with bounds near Long.MIN_VALUE and Long.MAX_VALUE
  • various thread safety issues
  • Lucene 2.9.4 can now also read indexes created by 3.0.x

Both releases are fully compatible with the corresponding previous versions. We strongly recommend upgrading to 2.9.4 if you are using 2.9.x; and to 3.0.3 if you are using 3.0.x.

See 3.0.3 CHANGES and 2.9.4 CHANGES for details. Binary and source distributions are available here. Maven artifacts are available here.

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