I’m pleased to announce that the Lucene Project Management Committee (PMC) has designated Cassandra Targett as their newest official Lucene/Solr Committer! Cassandra has committed years of work to document Solr through the Solr Reference Guide, providing an understanding of this technology and its capabilities that application developers can leverage to address the open-source search needs of a wide array of end users. Cassandra is also the first female Committer in the program!

To provide some background for those less technical readers, a committer is an individual who is able to modify the source code of a particular piece of open-source software. To contribute source code on most large projects, one must make modifications and then “commit” those changes.

The Lucene/Solr Committers are highly valued individuals in the Lucene/Solr space who have each been voted in to become a member of this prestigious group. With the induction of Cassandra, there are now 43 active Lucene/Solr Committers.

Lucidworks donated the Solr Reference Guide to the Lucene/Solr community in April 2013. It is now the official documentation for Solr, updated for each new release, with PDFs for prior releases also available. Click here to access the new Reference Guide.

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