This IT Briefing by TechTarget provides an overview of Lucidworks Enterprise, the platform that makes search app development easier for application developers and architect to make search a core part of content-and-data intensive applications.

In this IT Briefing created by Tech Target based on the recent webcast from, Lucid Imagination VP of Product Management and Chief Architect Brian Pinkerton presents an overview of Lucidworks Enterprise, the search platform development solution for you to:

  • Make search accessible to the broad range of application developers and architects, and make search a core part of your content-and-data intensive applications
  • Build better search applications faster through accelerated, streamlined Solr app development and integration with search experience innovations, using robust APIs built atop Solr
  • Harness the power of open source to build better search applications faster, without having to give up any of the powerful innovations that have made Solr/Lucene the leading search technology.

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