Since the purchase of Fast Search and Transfer by Microsoft in 2008, users of the FAST ESP Platform have faced a mounting series of challenges. The discontinuation of the Linux platform and the subordination of FAST features into Sharepoint have created a greater sense of urgency to seek out alternatives.

Many FAST ESP users are considering open source enterprise search based on Apache Solr as an option. This roundtable discussion, originally offered as a webcast sponsored by Lucid Imagination and hosted by Tech Target, is captured here in an easy-to-read whitepaper, that provides key considerations for search users looking to make the change to Solr

The panel of experts assembled for this discussion is seasoned in migrating from FAST to Solr in a broad range of environments and use cases at companies large and small around the world. Contributors to the white paper include:

Eric Gaumer, Chief Architect at ESR Technologies

Helge Legernes, Founding Partner and CTO of Findwise.

Michael McIntosh, Vice President of Search Solutions at TNR Global

In this paper, you’ll learn what’s driving the need for a FAST ESP alternatives, differences between FAST and Solr, typical migration project lifecycle & methodology, complementary open source tools, migration pro’s & con’s, best practices and customer examples, and recommended next steps.

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