An important problem with document-search in any content management system (CMS) is the handling of permission-based search requests for each user. In the Lucene/Solr Revolution session, “A Novel Methodology for Handling Document Level Security in Search Based Applications,” Rajini Maski, Senior Software Engineer at Happiest Minds Technologies, presents an algorithm and framework that allows the Search Engine to plainly index both public and privileged documents without any early binding overhead—thus enforcing document-level security policies only at the time of search.

With their late-binding approach for ACL (access control lists) and some custom components, they have achieved reduction in search-time overhead. Rajini will also discuss the order of complexity and execution time for the search overhead.

This intermediate level session will take place from 10:15-11:00 on Wednesday, November 6. Click here for more details.

About the Speaker:

Rajini Maski is a solution designer for Search applications using Apache Solr Distributed Search Systems based on Lucene, Java/J2EE application development. She currently works as a Senior Software Engineer at Happiest Minds Technologies.

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