January marked the tenth anniversary of Yonik Seeley’s fateful post on the Apache incubator listserv back in January of 2006:

Hello Incubator PMC folks, I would like to propose a new Apache project named Solr.


The project is being proposed as a sub-project of Lucene, and the Lucene PMC has agreed to be the sponsor.


Seeley also included the full proposal which includes cultivating an active open source community as a top priority with Doug Cutting as the sponsor and the first three initial committers: Seeley himself, Bill Au, and Chris “Hoss” Hostetter. And here we are, 10 years later and Apache Solr is the most deployed open source search technology on the planet with thousands of production instances.

We’ve updated our ‘history of Solr’ infographic with the results of our developer survey from the fall. More survey results on the way.


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