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Lucidworks is pleased to announce that a Solr integration with LogStash and Kibana is now available for download.

Lucidworks SiLK is an enterprise-grade log analysis solution that enables the ad-hoc search and analysis of billions of events and transactions across multiple applications, servers and devices.

SiLK combines best in class open source log analysis tools (such as Flume, LogStash and Kibana) with the strength, speed and scale of Lucene/Solr, providing a supported package that is quick to deploy and easy to scale. Download it now!


Lucidworks Chief of Product Will Hayes and Director of Solutions Ravi Krishnamurthy provide an overview of this new offering in this week’s SolrCluster podcast. Listen in to hear about Lucidworks SiLK and the new solutions and products coming out of Lucidworks this year.

Don’t want the whole package? Solr-compatible individual elements and source code are available on GitHub:
Solr Log Manager

SiLK is a trademark of Lucidworks, Inc. LogStash and Kibana are trademarks of Elasticsearch. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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