As we countdown to the annual Lucene/Solr Revolution conference in Boston this October, we’re highlighting talks and sessions from past conferences. Today, we’re highlighting Sematext’s Radu Gheorghe and Rafał Kuć’s talk, “Large Scale Log Analytics with Solr”. Radu and Rafał will also be presenting at Lucene/Solr Revolution 2016.

This talk is about searching and analyzing time-based data at scale. Documents ranging from blog posts and social media to application logs and metrics generated by smart-watches and other smart-things share a similar pattern: timestamp among their fields, rarely changeable, deletion when they become obsolete.

This kind of data is so large that it often causes scaling and performance challenges. This talk addresses these challenges, which include: properly designing collections architecture, indexing data fast and without documents waiting in queues for processing, being able to run queries that include time based sorting and faceting on enormous amounts of indexed data without killing Solr with out of memory problems, and many more.

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Radu is a search and logging geek at Sematext, working daily with the likes of Elasticsearch, Logstash and rsyslog. Co-authoring Elasticsearch in Action

Rafał is a father, husband, Sematext software engineer and consultant, Solr Cookbook and Elasticsearch Server books author, co-founder.

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