>>> Download Lucidworks Certified Distribution for Lucene v3.0 and get the Programmer’s Guide to What’s New in Lucene 2.9/3.0<<<

What’s New in v3.0.1:
Incorporating Apache Lucene 3.0.1, this release is now faster and more flexible than before. Improvements include:

  • Removal of deprecated APIs
  • Upgrades to all accompanying components
  • Stability improvements for the indexing process
  • Increased scalability and accuracy for index segments
  • Important fixes to IndexWriter, Contrib’s Analyzers package and TokenStream API

Key features of the Certified Distribution include:

  • Complete version of Apache Lucene v3.0.1
  • Additional bug fixes from the current trunk of the Lucene project
  • 30-day free Get Started assistance
  • LucidKStemmer: Lucid’s optimized version of KStemmer, the Krovetz stemmer available from the University of Massachusetts. A stemmer reduces words to a root form, providing the ability to search for derivatives of a stem word (e.g., “team” is the stem of “teams”). This is a dictionary based inflectional stemmer that stems less aggressively than the standard Porter stemmer included with Apache Lucene. LucidKStemmer is English-only at this time.
  • Lucene Index Toolbox (Luke): Lucidworks Certified Distribution for Lucene also includes Luke, a handy development and diagnostic tool that no Lucene/Solr developer should be without. Luke allows developers to examine and modify existing Lucene indexes, and quickly identify issues in data feed, search accuracy and search relevancy.

Finally, check out the new Programmer’s Guide to What’s New in Lucene 2.9/3.0, including tips on upgrading your Lucene implementation and considerations for migrating from Lucene to Solr.


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