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One of the great attractions of the style of open source collaboration one sees in Apache projects like Lucene/Solr is interaction with the committers who put the software together. If you’re a developer building an app with Lucene/Solr, the give-and-take on issues both with users and among the committers themselves, can be tremendously interesting and even solve problems for you.

It can also be a little challenging to translate the play-by-play action on the aliases and the nightly builds into a coherent view of the software. Sure, the basketball season always has great moments, but rewind/fast-forwarding all the games you’ve Tivo’d to get a sense of where things stand? Not so much.

It’s that need for a coherent view that inspired us at Lucid Imagination to put out the Lucidworks Certified Distribution Reference Guide in January of this year. And it’s with great interest in seeing that kind of material available to the community that we are excited to see the publication from our friends at Manning Publications of Lucene In Action, 2d Edition. To mark the release of the new edition, we’ve put together a roundtable conversation with the book’s 3 authors, now available as a podcast.

Lucene in Action Second EditionSince its first publication in 2004, Lucene In Action has been the bible for those looking to get their heads and code wrapped around the Apache Lucene. Now, listen in as Lucid co-founder Grant Ingersoll speaks with Lucene in Action co-authors, Mike McCandless, Lucid Imagination’s own Erik Hatcher, and Otis Gospodnetic, covering the new edition’s goals, new material and new features, how the book can help search application developers working in Solr, and more.

With over 100 pages of new content, Lucene In Action Second Edition is and remains the definitive guide to effectively integrating the Lucene java libraries into your applications. The book details this mega-hit superfast search technology, Lucene’s easy-to-use API, features like numeric fields, payloads, and near-real-time search capabilities and much more.

What’s more, to help mark the release of the new edition, Manning Press is sponsoring an open forum at focused on Lucene, with the three authors — Mike, Otis and Erik — hosting and responding to posts and questions. Look for that during the week of August 3-8.

And, of course, it’s really a great book to have on your shelf:  you can find it for purchase on Manning’s Website.

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