Lucidworks Certified Distribution for Solr 3.2 and Lucidworks Certified Distribution for Lucene 3.2 are now available for download from Lucid Imagination. The two releases are based on the most recent stable release of Apache Lucene / Solr 3.2 and includes some additional bug fixes.

As many of you know, Lucid Imagination’s certified distributions feature the latest improvements available from the Apache project in a well-packaged, integrated, supportable release. Certified distributions are curated by the experts at Lucid Imagination to provide a release stable, predictable platform for open source search application developers. By definition, these lag the Apache project releases, as they also provide production-oriented IT organizations with long-term release stability, insulated from variations in timing and granularity of the community release process. Trailing the Apache release process allows enough of a lag for the additional curation, qualification and documentation required by exacting enterprise-class deployments.

We’ve made some significant changes to Lucidworks Certified Distribution for Solr with this release: based on the overwhelming customer feedback, we removed all software components that place any restrictions on the complete open usage of our these packages.

  • Lucid Gaze for Solr has been removed from the certified distribution package. Lucid will convert this to ASL 2.0 license and contribute for community to develop.
  • LucidKStemmer has been removed from the certified distribution package. Lucid will convert this to ASL 2.0 license and contribute for community to develop.
  • Luke has been removed from the certified distribution package.

We’ll make these components available for download soon. The installer is only available through Lucidworks Certified Distribution for Solr 1.4.1. The Reference Guide, available free from Lucid Imagination, now supports Solr 1.4; we’ll have a 3.x version out in the next several weeks.

Another change is that we’re offering multiple successive release available, back to 2.9.1 for Lucene and 1.4 for Solr. Each is based on a select complete release from the Apache project. They maybe freely downloaded for unlimited use, with available enterprise-class support available via Lucid Imagination Support Subscriptions.

Finally, here are some details on what is in the respective Lucene and Solr 3.2 certified distributions releases above and beyond the Apache project’s 3.2 release:

To the Solr Certified Distribution, we’ve added:

  • SOLR-2462: Fix extremely high memory usage problems with spellcheck.collate. Separately, an additional spellcheck.maxCollationEvaluations (default=10000) parameter is added to avoid excessive CPU time in extreme cases (e.g. long queries with many misspelled words).
  • SOLR-2554: RandomSortField didn’t work when used in a function query.
  • SOLR-2567: Solr now defaults to TieredMergePolicy.
  • SOLR-2579: UIMAUpdateRequestProcessor ignore error fails if text.length() < 100.

To the Lucene Certified Distribution, we’ve added — with these changes also inherited by the Certified Distribution for Solr Release 3.2:

  • LUCENE-152: Add KStem (light stemmer for English). See the commented out “text_en” fieldType in the example schema.
  • LUCENE-3102: CachingCollector.replay was failing to call setScorer per-segment
  • LUCENE-3147, LUCENE-3152: Fixed open file handles leaks in many places in the code. Now MockDirectoryWrapper (in test-framework) tracks all open files, including locks, and fails if the test fails to release all of them.
  • LUCENE-3182: fix corruption case, when one thread is calling IW.addIndices(IR...) and another thread calls IW.rollback()
  • LUCENE-3183: Fix rare corner case where seeking to empty term (field=””, term=””) with terms index interval 1 could hit ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
  • LUCENE-3185: Fix bug in NRTCachingDirectory.deleteFile that would always throw exception and sometimes fail to actually delete the file.

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