Lucidworks Enterprise 2.0.1 is an interim bug-fix release. We have resolved a couple of critical bugs and LDAP integration issues. The list of issues resolved with this updates are available here.


You can download the latest version 2.0.1 here.


If you are running Lucidworks Enterprise 1.7 or Lucidworks 1.8, you can use the upgrade scripts and move to version 2.0.1.

For those of you running Lucidworks Enterprise 2.0, you can now upgrade to Lucidworks Enterprise 2.0.1 by following the steps outlined here. You can also find this file with your 2.0.1 (.jar and .zip) package as well.

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You can participate in our forums and share your experiences, questions, and issues. We actively monitor our forums and respond back to help you with using Lucidworks search platform.

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