While it’s been easy to download and install Fusion on your own machine, we’ve worked with Amazon Web Services to offer it pre-installed on Amazon Machine Images, so it’s even easier to trial or get started using Fusion. If you don’t have easy access to a machine with the recommended OS, disk space, or memory, you can launch an instance of Fusion in the AWS cloud and have it running on a suitably configured system with just one click.


We are offering two editions of Fusion in the AWS Marketplace. Both editions run the same software, but are offered under different terms and usage scenarios:

  • The Lucidworks Fusion demo is available without any software fees. It will only run on selected sizes of AWS EC2 hardware. You can use this edition to experiment with features and functionality of Fusion. Support is not offered on this version.
  • The Lucidworks Fusion standard server is intended for production use and is offered at hourly or annual rates. It is available on a wider variety of more powerful hardware, allowing you to use Fusion at larger scales. Importantly, this edition also includes standard product support to provide assurance to your production deployment.

If you haven’t had the chance to try out Fusion, here’s one more option to get you up and running, and see how you can use it to create powerful search-based applications.

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