Lucidworks was recently recognized as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant in their Insight Engines category. I wanted to write down what this means for you — and why it’s so important to your organization.

For those unfamiliar, Gartner is the gold standard of analysts with over 2,000 research experts covering various computing and IT trends and vendor categories. As such, they wield enormous influence with IT buyers in the largest companies in the world.

Insight Engines is the term Gartner uses for search that goes beyond mere keywords. An Insight Engine is search that uses AI and advanced algorithmic techniques to deliver more relevant personalized results to customers and employees alike. In other words, Gartner awards this term to search infrastructure that provides real insights. A modern search engine.

Being Named a Leader

So. What does all this mean? Three big things are top of mind to me:

1. The industry agrees with our vision. We believe that search is the single best way to activate AI in the enterprise. We want to enable people to maximize every single digital moment at work or at play. Whether they are looking for an esoteric topic to help them complete a project, or looking through a camping website for a perfect cold weather tent, are the technology that helps people make connections to topics, insights, and experts at the exact moment when they can best use it.

2. Our customers believe in our vision. We launched Fusion four years ago by taking the most robust and reliable search technology in the world, Apache Solr, and fusing it with the popular cluster-computing framework Apache Spark. On top of that foundation we added essential enterprise-friendly AI and operational features to the stack so that some of the most influential organizations in the world could rely on our platform to solve their toughest problems.

Since that time, more than 400 of the largest organizations in the world have given us the honor of running their most important workloads on our Fusion platform. These include top 5 global banks, retailers, and energy companies.

3. We’re primed and ready for much more. As you know, search is not just a box to find things, search technology is everywhere you look and on every screen you see. Search has gone way beyond just 10 blue links. AI requires vision and a human-focus to be more than hype.

Over the next 18-24 months, we will accelerate the delivery capabilities for our customers, and humanize AI. This means more user friendly apps for casual users, power analysts, and service and support agents.

It also means more deployment friendly tools for system administrators and DevOps professionals, all containerized and available to use. All of these tools and apps must be worry free on any combination of private and public cloud infrastructures.

Search might be 30 years old, but don’t confuse 30-year old technology with the search of today.

We’re thrilled about what’s to come. Your trust in our products and team continues to keep us motivated to keep innovating with you, as together we bring the power of our platform to more use cases where we can effectively humanize AI. Together we can make the most complex technology easy and accessible for anyone, where they can best make use of it — through each digital moment in their lives.

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Will Hayes

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