Want to find out what’s coming in Apache Lucene/Solr 4.0? Located in the San Francisco Bay Area? Then please join us on Thursday, September 22, 2011 from 6:30-8:30PM in Redwood Shores.

This is a Meetup for developers who are currently using Apache Lucene/Solr, or anyone that would like to learn more about open source search.


“Improved Search with Lucene 4.0”
Robert Muir

This talk will describe how you can apply some of Lucene 4’s new features (such as flexible indexing, scoring improvements, column-stride fields) to improve your search application.

“Solr 4.0 Highlights”
Mark Miller

This talk will cover some of the new features and advancements that users can look forward to in Solr 4. The list of topics will include: performance optimizations, further support for near-realtime search, SolrCloud, DirectSolrSpellChecker, and more.

“Lucene-based Search at Greplin”
Shaneal Manek

Greplin is a ‘search’ company that has many billions of documents sharded across hundreds of servers. Greplin adds around 2000 documents/second to their index, and well over 5,000/second at peak load. This talk will expand on the “Thousands of Indexes In The Cloud” Lightning Talk given by Shaneal at Lucene Revolution 2011.

For more details please see: http://bit.ly/r19aZx