Like most things, Search gets tastier with a few extra toppings. Lucidworks is happy to announce that we have partnered with some of the leading technology providers and thought leaders in the Solr ecosystem to bring added value and capability to your Solr deployment, through the Solr Marketplace. With over 35 apps available today and many more on the way, the Solr Marketplace is your one-stop-shop for easy to use and ready to deploy extensions, add-ons, and connectors for your Solr based application.

Simple extensions such as Type Ahead, brought to you by long-time Lucidworks partner Sematext, provides an easy to deploy yet powerful add-on that enhances the user experience within your application, making it easier to find meaningful results in large data sets.

Raytion, that operates an international consultancy for search related projects, has made available a handful of crawlers that incrementally index data from proprietary applications such as Sharepoint, DocuShare, and Oracle Weblogic Portal. The historical challenge of indexing content from these applications at scale can now be solved with a few easy steps thanks to Raytion.

SmartLogic, a San Jose, CA-based content intelligence company, offers Semaphore. Semaphore utilizes ontologies, text analytics, and content classifications to inject quality meta-data directly into the search index. The added context and faceting enabled by Sempahore increases the findability and precision of search results, providing a richer and more contextually relevant experience for your users.

And of course we at Lucidworks couldn’t sit on the sidelines of this Solr party so we’ve released four apps of our own. A number of the modules historically available only as part of Lucidworks Search can now be downloaded and deployed directly on top of Solr. Capabilities such as Business Rules for index and query time routing make it possible to create a custom experience for your users, directing them to meaningful results based on their preferences, location, or device type. The Relevancy Work Bench gives you a side-by-side comparison of search results, allowing users to tweak boosting and other query parameters for real-time results tuning. We even created a Splunk app, so Splunk users can monitor the health and availability of their Solr deployments with pre-built data collections and dashboards.

At Lucidworks we believe in the power of open source and the strength of the community to make things better, faster and stronger. The Solr Marketplace is an example of how the user community benefits as a whole when contributors come together to deliver some of the most innovative search solutions available in the market today.

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