As part of their work with large media monitoring companies, Flax has developed a technique for applying tens of thousands of stored Lucene queries to a document in under a second.

During the Lucene/Solr Revolution session, “Turning Search Upside Down – Using Lucene for Very Fast Stored Queries,” Charlie Hull and Alan Woodward from Flax will talk about how they built intelligent filters to reduce the number of actual queries applied, how they extended Lucene to extract the exact hit positions of matches, the challenges of implementation, and how it can be used, including applications that monitor hundreds of thousands of news stories every day.

This advanced level session will take place from 1:55-2:40 on Thursday, November 7. Click here for more details.

About the Speakers:

Charlie Hull (@FlaxSearch) is Managing Director and co-founder of Flax, specializing in open source search and based in Cambridge UK. Flax develops custom search applications for clients including News International, Reed Specialist Recruitment and the UK government and also has many other clients in the news and media monitoring sector.

Alan Woodward (@romseygeek) worked for many years at Proquest on a large scale FAST ESP search application, is a Lucene/Solr committer, has an MA in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University and is the principle developer for Flax‘s media monitoring projects.

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