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Ecommerce Features

Deliver a superior experience and drive conversions with AI and advanced machine learning.


Connected product discovery for the world’s biggest retailers

Product Discovery Features

Onsite Search

Take advantage of multiple OOB recommendation models to accelerate different portions of the shopping journey and always surface the right products at the right time. Learn more

Landing Pages & Navigation

Guide shoppers to assortments and content in more strategic ways that encourage product discovery and drive conversions. Learn more


Empower the merchandiser to create compelling assortments and experiences with drag and drop, block, add, pin, zones, and other rules. Learn more


Take advantage of multiple OOB recommendation models to show the right products at the right time and accelerate the shopping journey. Learn more

Analytics & Insights

Leverage OOB dashboards or export to your favorite BI tool and uncover opportunities to serve your shoppers better. Learn more

Ecommerce Customer Expectations Are Changing


Sin City Improves Search

Las Vegas travel search engine Vegas.com increased page views and engagement by 63% . Bounce rates for the mobile site dropped 8%. Conversion rates from search to a reservation or ticket increased by 33%. The team has since built the desktop search experience with Fusion as well. Full case study…

Shoe Store

Foot Locker Gets The Perfect Fit

The American sportswear and footwear retailer put Lucidworks to work and saw a 10% lift in add-to-cart, improved personalization, and better analytics to drive merchandising decisions for promotional events.

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