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Ecommerce Merchandising

Connect merchandisers and machine learning to convert shoppers into buyers.


Connected product discovery for the world’s biggest retailers

Merchandisers Know Best

Put your touch on the site with full control of the product discovery experience. Whether it’s creating a new page to feature products for an event or rearranging products, content, and filters based on your expertise, our merchandising tool is loaded with features to make it quick and easy. Boost, bury, add, block, pin, and more – all with the drag and drop ease.

Custom Landing Pages

Connect shoppers to products and content with both static and dynamic landing pages. Easily define page zones where different pipelines will power compelling recommendations, content, and products to facilitate product discovery while accelerating the shopper’s journey down the funnel.

ML-Powered Faceting

Filters are one of the most valuable tools a shopper has to accelerate the path to purchase. Reduce friction with machine learning that adds the right facets in the right order at the right time.

Actionable Analytics

Quickly see and easily understand where the opportunities are. Lucidworks provides product discovery dashboards as well as contextual visibility into product, query, and clickstream performance, ready for analysis and action. Data in Lucidworks is easily exported in SQL and can be plugged into your favorite BI tool of choice for further analysis.

Efficiency With ML

Bogged down by analyzing search terms one at a time? Leverage machine learning that analyzes search term performance and makes recommendations for improvement. Jobs for synonyms, head/tail analysis, misspelling, and phrase detection automatically improve searches and enable you to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Plan Future Experiences

Managing workflows and preparing for events is critical in the busy life of a merchandiser. Get ahead of events and conflicting priorities by building and reviewing your experiences ahead of time and set date parameters to trigger rules. Then jump into those campaigns to show off your work and review with team members.

Conflict Detection

Tired of spending your day troubleshooting why rules are not firing? With Lucidworks Predictive Merchandiser you get visibility into what rules are firing when, for every context, and get alerted when there is a rule conflict. Quickly resolve the conflict and get back to curating engaging experiences.

Ecommerce Customer Expectations Are Changing


Sin City Improves Search

Las Vegas travel search engine increased page views and engagement by 63% . Bounce rates for the mobile site dropped 8%. Conversion rates from search to a reservation or ticket increased by 33%. The team has since built the desktop search experience with Fusion as well. Full case study…

Shoe Store

Foot Locker Gets The Perfect Fit

The American sportswear and footwear retailer put Lucidworks to work and saw a 10% lift in add-to-cart, improved personalization, and better analytics to drive merchandising decisions for promotional events.

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Explore More Key Features

Dynamic Landing Pages

Set product and content zones on pages and let the platform do the rest so pages update on-the-fly to provide the most engaging experiences.  Learn more


Take advantage of multiple OOB recommendation models to accelerate different portions of the shopping journey and always show the right products at the right time. Learn more

Onsite Search

Sophisticated OOB models analyze query intent and layer in user signals to return personalized results for every shopper. Learn more

Power Product Discovery and Customer Experience with Lucidworks

Help shoppers find relevant products, increase conversions, and keep your customers coming back.

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