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Ecommerce Solutions for Apparel

Deliver frictionless shopping experience and increase revenue with Lucidworks’ AI-powered ecommerce solution.


AI-Powered Product Discovery Improves Ecommerce ROI

COVID-19 has accelerated permanent changes in retail customer behavior. Like the vast majority of apparel brands, you’re now in a race to reinvent your digital playbooks to stay competitive and succeed. If your existing product discovery platform can’t deliver a frictionless, personalized online experience, you will lose customers and risk revenue.

Just like how we’ve helped apparel leaders like KUHL, Nordstrom Rack, and Bluestem, we can help your brand enhance product discovery experiences and increase ecommerce ROI.

Lucidworks leverages machine learning and augmented intelligence to deliver value to every step of the shopper’s experience, from product discovery to purchase to customer service. Lucidworks enables your team to use both pre-built and bring-your-own machine learning models to support personalized search & browse and intent prediction, optimizing the individual customer’s online journey to drive engagement and conversions.

Relevant Site Search and Powerful Personalization

Shoppers expect that results are unique and personalized to them, in every context. From shopper intent to affinities and beyond, your site search needs to successfully deliver type-ahead, results ranking, facet ordering, and content surfacing. Lucidworks leverages shopper behavior and other signals with machine learning to take the guesswork out of relevancy and accelerate the path-to-purchase.

Manual Rule Curation Relief

Slash zero-result searches with Lucidworks Never Null – an innovative cloud-based service leveraging advanced machine learning models to intercept low-performing and zero result queries. Never Null eliminates the need to replatform, allowing you to immediately take advantage of semantic vector search as a service to drive higher margins. It frees up time spent on manual query review so your team can focus on more strategic initiatives.

Smarter Recommendations

Gone are the days of irrelevant, underperforming recommendations. Power your recommendations with Lucidworks and harness the continuous signal feedback loop. ML models will learn to present contextually relevant, predictive, and personalized apparel products to every shopper, driving higher CTR, AOV, ATC, and conversions.

Put Merchandisers in the Driver’s Seat

Give your merchandisers the drag-and-drop tools they need to apply their domain expertise and category knowledge. With Lucidworks Fusion, merchandisers are empowered to control total page experiences. They can boost, bury, pin, block, and add products to results, content, facets, and recommendations. Need a promotional page for the latest fashion of the season? No problem. Torn between visuals or copies? Easily run A/B tests to determine winners and go to market with confidence.

Product Discovery Solutions

Create Apps Quickly

Smart Answers

Smart Answers extends the functionality of chatbots and virtual assistants with deep learning. Businesses can better serve their customers and employees by giving them fast answers to their product and support questions.

Learn More About Smart Answers

Empower Your Merchandisers

Predictive Merchandiser

Predictive Merchandiser gives retailers AI-powered insights and recommendations for optimizing search results and product placement. Merchandisers can apply and manage rules, tune search relevancy, and analyze results through a visual interface without involving IT.

Learn More About Predictive Merchandiser

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Never Null

Never Null is a cloud service that uses semantic vector search to reduce zero results queries and increase conversions. Populate web pages with the perfect product assortment – and never ever return a zero results page.

Learn more about Never Null

Connected product discovery for the world’s biggest retailers

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