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Product Discovery Solutions for Marketplaces

Expand assortments with product discovery that can handle first party requirements and third party product data.


Cut down on business rules

Deploying a marketplace technology is just the beginning. Your true objective is delighting customers with a discovery experience that meets their goals and boosts your KPIs. In most product discovery platforms that means endless curation of rules and potentially compromising your customers experience. Fusion’s arsenal of ML models allows you to scale assortments and automatically optimize them without manual curation.

Update products in real time

The evolution from distribution centers, to omnichannel, to marketplaces puts an increased burden on the site. With constantly changing content, price, and inventory it’s difficult to update products in real time. In addition to batch updating, Lucidworks has real-time API-based CRUD that can make atomic changes to single fields on single records to ensure that your shoppers see the latest.

Garbage in,
gold out

Distributed content authoring always comes with a breakdown in content formatting and consistency driving irrelevant results. Fusion has classification features and enrichment hooks that allow you to keep the catalog rich and consistent, as well as query understanding features which are less prone to the many vagaries of lexical / keyword matching.

Understand user behavior

Did you expand your catalog in the right direction? Are there holes? Lucidworks Fusion is not just the place where you store products, it’s also where you store behavior data, which is a rich resource for understanding your assortment and your evolving consumer. Dive in with BI tools to analyze data, derive insights and influence decision-making.

Compelling content curation

Branded content is an essential part of the conversion equation. Easily index content and enrich the product discovery experience to retain shoppers and deliver on brand value. Whether it’s to support queries directed at FAQs, drive relevant imagery, promote blogs, or integrate how-to’s specific to that context, Lucidworks delivers in a personalized and contextually relevant way.


Whether your niche is aerospace, electronics, specialized services, or petrochemicals you need a partner who understands the idiosyncrasies of your products, the 3rd party non-stocked items you sell, and the unique requirements of your buyers. No product discovery platform is more adaptable than Lucidworks. Within hours we can provide you insights from clickstreams that are lost in mis-aggregated reports and within weeks we can completely transform your user experience to rival the leading D2C brands.


Your marketplace has grown beyond your wildest expectations but you didn’t account for how a 100x increase in assortment would impact the user experience. Lucidworks powerful ML capabilities allow you to tame the marketplace breadth, manage 1st party versus 3rd party fulfillment experiences, and provide a consistent user experience regardless of the customer’s goal.

Connected commerce solutions for the world’s biggest retailers

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Lenovo increased search-driven revenue by 175% with Lucidworks

“We don’t have to go in and validate that the results are good; our customers are telling us the results are good.”

Marc Desormeau, Global Search Lead, Lenovo


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Crate and Barrel

“We’ve noticed a higher conversion rate. There’s an increase in add to carts and order value as we are continuing to serve up more relevant items to our customers.”

Aaron Veit, Director of Digital Product Management, Crate & Barrel


KÜHL climbs the summit to YoY
revenue growth

KÜHL offers an effortless shopping experience using segmentation and personalization backed by Lucidworks Commerce solutions.


Power Product Discovery and Customer Experience with Lucidworks

Help shoppers find relevant products, increase conversions, and keep your customers coming back.

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