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Ecommerce Solutions for Travel and Hospitality

Make it easy for customers to plan and book their next trip with a personalized experience


Consumers are emerging from beneath the covers into the new normal. It’s crucial for the travel and hospitality industry to capture the opportunity to increase revenue and secure customer loyalty. Fierce competition and the complexity of online travel planning have driven travel companies to focus on differentiating the ecommerce experience and reducing cart abandonment rate. McKinsey reported that 75% of US consumers tried a different store, website, or brand during the pandemic. How do travel executives deliver online experiences that gain and retain loyal customers?

Travel and hospitality brands need to create a personalized, customer-centric travel agent experience online. These sites should recommend destinations and packages that align with the customer’s preferences – and their upcoming trip. To achieve this, you need a strategy for connecting every step of the journey, from planning , researching what to do, and getting the most out of the trip. At Lucidworks, we bring ecommerce solutions that help travel and hospitality leaders increase conversions and improve ROI with customized experiences.



From a Hotel to a Destination

How a top hospitality brand transformed its online experience with modernized search and recommendations.


Increase revenue with relevant, personalized search results

Overcome distractions and short attention spans with a solution powered by machine learning that understands intent and presents the right results at the right time based on individual preferences.

Reduce bounce rates and boost customer loyalty

Make it easy for travelers to find what they’re looking for with natural language processing that identifies intent and gives them the perfect results.

Boost AOV with smarter recommendations

Personalize trending destinations, most viewed properties, etc. Machine learning models continuously improve to present contextually relevant packages and promotions to every traveler, driving higher CTR, AOV, ATC, and conversions.

Empower your merchandisers

Respond to changes in buying behavior and optimize the ideal product assortment by easily tuning search results and boosting product placement. All through a low-code, intuitive user interface. They can boost, bury, pin, block, and create promotional pages for the latest seasonal decors with ease.

Handle peak traffic with ease

From holiday travels and every seasonal promotion in between, our solution dynamically scales your ecommerce operations to meet the needs of each shopper.


Leisure Travel and Hospitality Booking Trends in 2022

Our global survey of consumers reveals the secret to fueling travelers’ wanderlust with a better online browsing, booking, and support experience.


Power Product Discovery and Customer Experience with Lucidworks

Help shoppers find relevant products, increase conversions, and keep your customers coming back.

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