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Product Discovery Technology

Easily deploy AI-powered product discovery experiences in a modern, containerized, cloud-native architecture.


Product Discovery Technologies

AI-Powered Search

Plug in machine learning and augmented intelligence to every step of the product discovery experience. Lucidworks brings native search tuning models, personalized search, intent prediction, and clustering algorithms to optimize every session to drive conversions. Learn more

Recommender Models

Accelerate the path to purchase or facilitate product curiosities with recommenders. Surface user specific recommendations, tailor results based on past behavior, similar items and even similar queries. Use BPR and ALS recommender algorithms, query similarity, item and user similarity to help shoppers find what they’re looking for before they ask. Learn more

Bring Your Own Model

You know your data best. Our technology includes native support for Python machine learning models. Plug your custom ML models into the platform and integrate with your existing data science infrastructure. Allow your data scientists and analysts to use their existing toolkits to augment user’s human intelligence across the entire experience. Learn more

Predictive Merchandiser

Creating the ideal digital experiences does not have to be hard. Easily create business rules that allow you to surface the products in the desired locations. Features like templates and zones, landing pages and facet control make merchandising a simple process that drives results. Learn more

Deep Learning & Dense Vectors

Whether the goal is to understand query intent or understand what products are relevant to a specific query, we have the approaches that will take your search and product data analysis to the next level and deliver hyper relevant results every time. Learn more

Managed Fusion

Ecommerce DevOps teams have conflicting demands on their time. In general, development and deployment of new business applications makes the best use of their time and resources. Managing an internal hardware stack in support of an intelligent search platform? Not so much. Let our team manage DevOps for you. Learn more

Integrations and Connectors

We provide a wide variety of connectors to other best-of-breed applications for those pursuing a more modern architecture. From commerce platforms to CMS, DAMs and analytics, enabling bi-directional search queries and indexes across all technologies where data is stored, is critical to provide a positive and seamless user experience. Learn more

Connected product discovery for the world’s biggest retailers

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Power Product Discovery and Customer Experience with Lucidworks

Help shoppers find relevant products, increase conversions, and keep your customers coming back.

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