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Lucidworks Fusion platform turns all your siloed data into personalized experiences.

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The Lucidworks Fusion Platform

Fusion Server

Fusion Server combines the Apache Solr open-source search engine with the distributed power of Apache Spark for artificial intelligence. Highly scalable, Fusion Server indexes and stores data for real-time discovery.

  • Index billions of records of any type, from any data source
  • Process thousands of queries per second from thousands of concurrent users
  • Conduct full-text search using standard SQL capabilities and powerful analytics

more about Fusion Server

Fusion AI

Fusion AI applies machine learning at the moment of data ingest for: NLP, document classification, and topic detection. At query time, Fusion AI predicts the user’s intent and returns relevant, hyper-personalized results.

  • AI recommendations give every user a customized experience
  • Machine learning models classify and categorize data at ingest
  • Query intent detected for hyper-personalization

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Fusion App Studio

Fusion App Studio allows search engineers to rapidly develop rich applications. It combines an integrated development environment, powerful pre-fabricated components, and APIs for developing powerful search UIs.

  • Prototype consumer and workplace search apps in hours, not weeks
  • Iterate and version apps with modular, pre-built components
  • Deliver search on content from 100 data sources in 500 data formats

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Contextual Insights, Delivered Instantly

Lucidworks Fusion is a data discovery platform that gives users contextual, personally relevant search results and proactive recommendations via integrated artificial intelligence. Millions of users can discover insights at the moment they have a question, even across billions of documents or records.

Insight Discovery With Personal Context

Uses machine learning to personalize queries, optimize results, and proactively guide users to discover their own insights.

Hyper-Personalized Results

Fusion Server personalizes queries based on signals like user profile, behavior, natural language processing, or location. Features like autocomplete, query intent classifier, a rules engine, and our proprietary Semantic Knowledge Graph (SKG) help users express queries for their context. Fusion uses NLP parsing to determine user intent and calculate relevance scores in real-time.

Guided Insight Discovery

Fusion AI ships with real-time recommendation algorithms to automatically generate content recommendations based on a user’s past interactions or interactions of similar users.

Continuous feedback loops help domain experts optimize machine learning results combined with manual rules curation.

Easy Application Development

Fusion App Studio lets you quickly create production-ready applications. Combine powerful pre-fabricated components and APIs for developing powerful search UIs.

Analytic insights lets you graphically analyze user behavior, run experiments (such as A/B testing), and inspect individual customer journeys.

Artificial Intelligence for Constant Self-Tuning

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Fusion employs NLP to detect phrases, topics and parts of speech for automatic classification and clustering of content in ways that make it easily accessible for search, browsing and predictive suggestions.


Signals Boosting

Fusion elevates documents which perform best for popular queries across most users and also clusters users by behavior. Models then boost documents with features most relevant to a given cluster.

Learn more about signals in this explainer video

Head/Tail Query Rewriting

Head/Tail Analysis and automatic synonym creation analyzes the head (most common) and tail (infrequent) queries in the system, then auto-generates synonyms.

Learn more with this explainer video

Query Intent Classification

Fusion determines what type of query is being executed (e.g. person, concept, document) to determine query parsing, query pipeline routing, and which words to show in autocomplete and type-ahead.

Learn more about ML and query intent classification

Learning to Rank

The Learning to Rank algorithm extracts tags such as product names, titles, and document categories to determine relevance scores in real-time.

Learn more about query analysis and Learning to Rank 

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