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Lucidworks Add-Ons and Integrations

Expand the power of Lucidworks Fusion with our add-on applications and third-party integrations.

Product Discovery Solutions

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Smart Answers

Smart Answers extends the functionality of chatbots and virtual assistants with deep learning. Businesses can better serve their customers and employees by giving them fast answers to their product and support questions.

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Empower Your Merchandisers

Predictive Merchandiser

Predictive Merchandiser gives retailers AI-powered insights and recommendations for optimizing search results and product placement. Merchandisers can apply and manage rules, tune search relevancy, and analyze results through a visual interface without involving IT.

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Never Null

Never Null is a cloud service that uses semantic vector search to reduce zero results queries and increase conversions. Populate web pages with the perfect product assortment – and never ever return a zero results page.

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Advanced Linguistics Package March2020

Advanced Linguistics Package

AI-powered search is challenging enough within the English language. The search engine must identify the language, normalize non-English characters, and improve content recall without losing precision. Non-English languages have distinct semantics, grammar and slang, not to mention the unique characters in Asian, European and Arabic base languages. Lucidworks offers an Advanced Linguistics Pack that provides tokenization in more than thirty non-English languages as well as advanced entity extraction for 19 languages.

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Flexible Deployment Options March2020

Flexible Deployment Options

Cloud-native architectures allow precise management of a platform’s individual software components. Kubernetes orchestrates Fusion’s cloud-native architecture, and sustains the logical separation provided by microservices, the physical separation provided by containers, and the APIs that connect the components. As a result, the Fusion platform can evolve with the changing storage, compute and application ecosystem.

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