Infographic: Deliver Personalized Experiences by Understanding Consumer Intent

The latest research into how the world’s biggest organizations are using customer intent to deliver personalized customer experiences.

Infographic: Survive the Cyber 5

5 ways for retailers to survive the biggest and busiest shopping weekend of the year.

Case Study: Death of the No Results Query

How one of the world’s top five retailers used Lucidworks Never Null to increase AOV by 28% and decrease zero results queries by 91%.

Optimising Search on Retail Sites

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Retail Trends 2021

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Cognitive Search in Digital Commerce

Create a strategy for digital transformation that yields results at your organization.

Cognitive Search in Digital Commerce ebook cover

Connected Experiences Are Personalized Experiences

The latest research on what it takes to build connected experiences for your customers and employees.

Activate Product Discovery On Demand

Connect customers to the products they want. Predict what they’ll need next.

Activate Product Discovery

Conversational Apps and the Future of Customer Experience

How chatbots, virtual assistants, and conversational apps are changing service, support, and the customer experience.

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