As the buzz of the holiday season fades away, the new year holds fresh and exciting potential.

Among the goals that brands should be thinking about in 2022, improving on their customer experience should always be top of mind. That being said, it’s easy to forget that there are two sides to the customer experience coin. Brands need to be sure that their customer service tech stack is rock solid and makes sense for not only the needs of their customers, but their agents as well.

Below are three pillars that can guide brands when considering the capabilities of their customer service platform, and if it’s covering all of the bases they need to create better digital experiences for their service agents in the new year.

Create Centralized Access for All

Make it easy for agents to pull content from disparate sources into a single-view. Cutting-edge machine learning technology, like semantic vector search, goes beyond simple search term matching to provide powerful and relevant results that understand the user’s intent. When the systems for creating customer experiences are disconnected and disjointed, everyone at every level will suffer. Brands can remedy this by using a solution that creates a central point of access where service agents can communicate with one another and with customers. .

Implement Guided Workflows

When it comes to customer service, it just needs to work. Not everyone has the time to become a search expert to build the most effective service desk platform. Search solutions should be easily understood and catered to business users who are not necessarily skilled in search. This makes it easier for users to focus on the business elements they were trained for instead of getting tripped up on a complex platform.

Deploy Quickly

Changes in consumer expectations are happening all the time. Keeping up with trends or sudden changes in expectations requires a customer service search solution that can deploy changes rapidly and iteratively. When, say, a pandemic sweeps the nation and suddenly your customers are relying on digital storefronts exponentially more than physical storefronts, rearranging the entire digital experience to mimic an in-store experience needs to happen fast.

While 2021 had its customer service challenges, 2022 can be the year that every brand nails the customer service experience from both sides of the equation. By focusing on the tools that your agents and their managers depend on, brands can ensure that the support side of operations is always equipped to handle whatever customers might need.

Lucidworks solutions cover these bases and more to help your brand create personalized, meaningful customer experiences. Curious about how? Get in touch with us today.

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