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Customer Service

Contact center software for better call deflection, increased agent effectiveness, and happier customers

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Connected customer service for the world’s biggest brands

Customers Feel Abandoned, Agents Feel Overwhelmed

Customers get lost between site, chat, in-app, phone, in-store and all the various channels used for support and service.  With Lucidworks, personalized self-service deflects tickets and reduces call resolution time. Connect the customer to the contact center in a way that personalizes interactions, improves customer satisfaction, and reduces agent attrition.

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Everyone On the Same Page

Align the customer and agent experiences by reducing the disparity between what the customer and agents see. This makes self-service feel more human and your support team feel more engaged. When everyone sees the same thing, triage is easy.

Enable Self Service Success

Enable Self-Service Success

Use a continuous-learning workflow to make all your support systems smarter with every service interaction. With powerful deep learning to interpret user intent and match relevant content, you can improve self-service, freeing agent time and increasing customer satisfaction.

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Improve Agent Effectiveness

Customers and employees should have access to the same knowledge. When your customers train your FAQs, your employees see the knowledge that your customers demand. This enables agents to close more tickets more quickly.

Gartner Report: Deliver Great Customer Service Via Relevant Content and Knowledge

Learn the seven best practices to rapidly create and retrieve relevant content for customers.

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“We were able to determine that Fusion was the best way that we could engage our customers by delivering information faster.”

John Paul Sherman
Enterprise Search and Findability Manager
Red Hat


Smart Answers

Smart Answers extends the functionality of chatbots and virtual assistants with deep learning. Businesses can better serve their customers and employees by giving them fast answers to their product and support questions.

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Turn Chatbots into Conversationalists

Flexible API Integration

Seamlessly connect to existing chatbots, virtual assistants, and voice applications.

Low-Code UI

Empower developers to train and implement machine learning models.

Robust ML and Deep Learning

Interpret user intent and deliver relevant results, with or without FAQ docs.

Pluggable ML Framework

Import custom models into your conversational applications.

Connector SDK

Connect knowledge bases from any source to power deep learning.

NLP and Semantic Search

Power conversational experiences with a human level of understanding.

Bring Customers and Agents Closer Than Ever

Personalize customer service experiences with Lucidworks so agents can focus on the customer, in the moment.

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