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Andrew Hecox

Manager, Software Engineering

Fusion and Red Hat

Enterprise software giant Red Hat had a customer support portal composed of tens of thousands of documents and articles, indexed by Google Search Appliance and managed in Drupal. With Lucidworks Fusion, the team was able to index and ingest several thousands of documents from Drupal into Solr in just a few days.

Fusion features like relevancy tuning saw clickthrough rates double while reducing their hardware and licensing costs by 91%. Red Hat now runs a four-node Fusion cluster that indexes 13 million documents for thousands of internal users and one million web visitors per month.

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Deflect Cases with Faster Self-Serve

On the customer side, if users can’t self-serve and find the support docs they need or have to go multiple places to search, they will have to engage the support team.

Fusion gives customers one unified search to access knowledge-base articles, support forums, articles, manuals, and other access to answers. Relevancy tuning and enrichment ensures customers, Fusion captures user behavior like queries, clicks, and views, to continuously improve relevancy and the search experience. Customers self-serve and self-resolve, deflecting away from engaging a support agent.

Complete Intelligence for Staff

Support teams can waste time looking for a customer’s profile information or purchase history or other relevant data across several data sources as they investigate a case. Like customers, they also need complete access to all the different external-facing sources of documentation along with internal-only articles and content.

Fusion joins disparate data sources to create a complete profile of each customer so support technicians can quickly review various customer data, products purchased, and past interactions.

Deep Insights to 
Guide Strategy

Many customer support organizations have little insight into what customers are searching for when they try to get help. They don’t know what articles are helpful or where customers get stuck and open a ticket.

Fusion comes with pre-configured reports and advanced analytics to show you stats like most popular queries, a spike in a particular error message, or queries that produce zero results. These insights can be used to guide documentation and content development so customers find what they want and self-resolve and also guide content development for future documentation and articles.

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