Deliver personalized shopping experiences customers expect

If shoppers can’t find what they’re looking for in the moment, they’ll shop somewhere else. Keep them browsing, buying, and connected.

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Grow online revenue

Overcome short attention spans with a solution powered by machine learning that understands shopper intent and personalizes the right products at the right time based on individual preferences.

Empower your merchandisers

Respond to changes in buying behavior and optimize the ideal product assortment by easily tuning search results and boosting product placement. All through a low-code, intuitive user interface.

Increase average order value

Present a richer product assortment across search results, product pages, and recommendations with a solution that enhances the entire buying journey and tailors products to individual wants and needs.

End zero-result searches

Make it easy for shoppers to find products with a solution that interprets natural language, identifies query intent, and populates webpages with the perfect product assortment.

Enhance search with data science

Integrate machine learning models into search applications to help your ecommerce, search, and data science teams personalize customer experiences to drive sales and loyalty.

Handle peak traffic with ease

From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, dynamically scale your ecommerce operations to meet the needs of each shopper in the moment, at scale.

Connected commerce solutions for the world’s biggest retailers

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Lenovo increased search-driven revenue by 175% with Lucidworks

“We don’t have to go in and validate that the results are good; our customers are telling us the results are good.”

Marc Desormeau, Global Search Lead, Lenovo


Nordstrom Rack doubled its
conversion rate

Lucidworks powers search on and, using tools such as synonyms, stop words and signals to boost relevancy of results.


KÜHL climbs the summit to YoY
revenue growth

KÜHL offers an effortless shopping experience using segmentation and personalization backed by Lucidworks Commerce solutions.


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