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Enterprise Search in 2025

What's next for search in the enterprise.

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Companies who have made the switch to fusion.

Before Fusion

Several search apps querying multiple data sources across disparate silos. And you still won't find what you want.

After Fusion

All of your data sources available from one interface enriched with context and personalized relevancy. So you find what you need the first time.

Bad search is costing 
you money.

Employees waste time trying to find the information they need to do their jobs. Customers waste time trying to get support or help - or just give up.

With Fusion, users find what they want quickly and easily.

Employees have access to all of the data and documents they need to take the next best action. Customers get answers - and stay happy.

Machine learning for added intelligence.

AI technology auto-classifies documents, clusters topics, understands intent, and performs other ML approaches for broader, more diverse, and more precise answers.

Lourduraju Pamishetty

Senior IT Application Architect, Infoblox

“With Fusion’s out-of-the-box capabilities, we skipped months in our dev cycle so we could focus our team where they would have the most impact. We cut our licensing costs by 50% and improved application usability. The Lucidworks professional services team amplified our success even further. We’re all Fusion from here on out!"

What can Fusion do for your org?

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