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Employees need all kinds of information to do their jobs well, and they need it fast. Lucidworks helps teams eliminate data silos to find documents and resources that improve collaboration, foster innovation, and streamline workflows.

Benefits of Our Employee Search Tools


Eliminate data silos and enable employee empowerment

Make it easier to prevent assets and documents from slipping between the cracks by unifying knowledge—across ALL enterprise systems—under a holistic workplace search experience. Expedite knowledge discovery for teams throughout your business by returning assets and knowledge pertinent to an employee’s role and goal.


Reduce duplicated work efforts by strengthening content monitoring

Make it easier to get instant access to critical assets and documents within remote and hybrid work environments. Boost findability and productivity by ensuring the latest policies and documents are easily found and distributed across the organization immediately upon indexing.


Fortify data accessibility with flexible security management

Make it easier to enable permission-driven security to give the right employees access to restricted content they need to fulfill their job obligations. Lucidworks manages flexible security trimmings at the index level, empowering teams to set data permissions and accessibility granularly (by department, role, and user).


Knowledge Management Features

Increase findability and productivity by making knowledge discovery more personal.

AI-based search that understands what you mean

Utilize ML to decipher intent and automatically provide more relevant search results to users 

Search relevancy

Boost and block documents like holiday schedules and HR policies when that information is in high demand (or out of date).

Website Search SmartAnswers
Unified view of content

One search across all internal data sources, including intranet network drives, knowledge bases, cloud storage, and data from systems of record.

Automated Question and Answer

Deflect IT and HR tickets and encourage self-service with chatbots and virtual assistants that automatically learn and answer frequent questions.

Expert finder

Allow employees to quickly find colleagues with the expertise they need to know to get the job done and keep tribal knowledge from getting lost.


Analyze and aggregate user behaviors and signal tracking to deliver AI-powered recommendations.

Lucidworks Accolades

A Leader

Lucidworks was named a leader in the 2024 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Search & Product Discovery

391% ROI

Forrester Total Economic Impact for Lucidworks 2023: $13.9M net present value, <6 months payback


of documents indexed for the world's biggest organizations

5 out of 10

50% of the top U.S. online retailers use Lucidworks

Case Studies

Morgan Stanley

Dipendra Malhotra, Head of Analytics, Intelligence, and Data Technologies at Morgan Stanley, discusses optimizing content for search.


Learn how biotechnology company Regeneron uses Fusion to power search on Regeneron’s internal research & clinical development application.


“There’s never going to be a day that we can live without search.”
-Alex Flynn, Sr Manager IT, SAS


Lucidworks Industries



Supercharge buyer search and browse experience, personalize the shopper journey, increase conversions

Financial Services

Empower employees, advisors, and agents with relevant information by role

B2B Manufacturing

Support customer lifecycle from product discovery through field agent support


B2B Commerce and Distribution

Deliver buyer-specific purchasing experiences, power peer-to-peer marketplaces


Enable your entire healthcare ecosystem with compliant, easy-to-navigate search experiences

Government and Public Sector

Turn data into permissioned insights for more effective actions

Give your employees the advantage

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