2020 has been, without a doubt, a year that has personally and professionally stretched employees and customers alike. With brand loyalties shifting and employees repositioning what they desire from their work experiences, it’s going to be absolutely necessary to collect and act on feedback from both within and outside our organizations as we move into 2021.

While we’re hearing more and more about the need to digitally transform, the pandemic has proven that investing in the right contact center tools along with personalized, omnichannel connectivity across EX and CX ensures that all boats rise. These investments – as well as a continued focus towards cloud-based automation and machine-learning disciplines – ensure that the full value of contact center technology like virtual assistants, chatbots, and self-service customer portals is achieved.

Lucidworks partnered with Customer Contact Week (CCW) to produce a special report that outlines the benefits of creating experiences that connect customer and employee touchpoints. The report showcases why innovation is twice as high at companies with well-developed employee and customer experiences. Those companies also tend to report better ROI and retain more loyal, happy customers.

Now, more than ever, creating a connected experience where the customers feel valued as individuals is essential. Support employees need to be able to capture insights from every action, break down silos and be empowered to act individually while armed with the correct information. Accessing the data to understand customer intent should be easy, no matter what channel your customers are using. When employees are able to gain the right knowledge at scale, contact centers move from being cost centers to profit centers.

The CCW special report takes a deep dive into the types of tools that can be implemented to achieve success and is accompanied by a webinar with CCW’s Matt Wujciak and Lucidworks’ VP of Product Marketing, Justin Sears. Join to hear more about the Connected Experience Cloud, and how to implement some of these best practices within your own organization.


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