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New to Gen AI? Here are 5 critical risks to be aware of to safeguard your ecommerce business.

In the world of ecommerce, seamless customer experiences are paramount, and accurate search functionality is the cornerstone of customer satisfaction. Enter Generative AI (Gen AI) — a game-changer in search enhancement. With features like personalized recommendations and dynamic content, Gen AI in ecommerce search transform shopping into an engaging, conversational journey for your customers. However, beneath this promising facade lies a potential danger: deceptive results.

While seemingly harmless in some instances, such as irrelevant suggestions, deceptive results can have far-reaching consequences. They can lead to wasted time, frustrated customers, and ultimately, lost sales. But in certain product categories, the stakes are even higher. Imagine a customer searching for a “winter sleeping bag” being presented with a lightweight summer option. At best, this results in a frustrating search experience. At worst, it could lead to a dangerous situation during a camping trip. The same principle applies to searches for “toddler car seats” or “gluten-free snacks.” Inaccurate results not only jeopardize customer satisfaction but also pose potential safety risks. These scenarios highlight the crucial need for accurate and reliable search results, especially when dealing with products that impact health, safety, or well-being.

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The Trust Gap: Bridging the Divide with Accurate Search

Surprisingly, there’s a significant gap between how brands perceive their customer understanding and how consumers feel understood. A staggering 81% of brands believe they deeply understand their customers, yet only 46% of consumers agree. This discrepancy highlights a critical issue: deceptive and inaccurate information erodes customer trust. When faced with misleading product suggestions, customers are less likely to return and may even share their negative experiences online, potentially deterring others.

Build Trust Through Accurate Search

To harness the full potential of Gen AI in ecommerce search while mitigating these risks, integrating it with a robust search platform is essential. This fusion delivers a secure and trustworthy search experience for your customers in the following ways:

  • Advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP): Sophisticated NLP techniques empower your search engine to decipher complex customer queries, ensuring highly relevant results, even for nuanced or misspelled searches. For instance, a search for “medium weight velcro swaddle for babies” is accurately interpreted, prioritizing size and fabric over other attributes.
  • Truth-Grounding: A powerful search platform continuously validates Gen AI’s responses against your internal knowledge base and reliable external sources. This “truth-grounding” mechanism prevents inaccurate information from reaching your customers. If, for instance, toddler pajamas are suggested for the “medium weight velcro swaddle” query, the system corrects the error and presents suitable options.
  • Gen AI Guardrails: In addition to truth-grounding, a comprehensive search platform allows you to establish safety rules within the Gen AI framework. These rules act as guardrails, preventing the suggestion of inappropriate products. For the swaddle query, guardrails ensure that only available swaddles are displayed, avoiding incorrect or competitor suggestions.

By combining the creative power of Gen AI in ecommerce search with the safety and accuracy of a total AI solution, you create a search experience that prioritizes a unified customer experience. This translates into a significant competitive advantage. When customers know they can trust your search results to be accurate and reliable, they’re more likely to have a positive experience, leading to repeat business and increased brand loyalty.

Investing in the Future of Ecommerce Search

Gen AI offers exciting possibilities for enhancing search functionality for ecommerce, but its power needs to be harnessed responsibly. By implementing a search platform like Lucidworks, you can leverage the creativity of  while ensuring your search results prioritize accuracy and relevancy. This commitment to customer experience fosters trust and loyalty, ultimately leading to a thriving e-commerce business.

Remember, accurate search isn’t just a feature — it’s the foundation of a successful ecommerce strategy. Invest in building a secure and trustworthy search experience, and watch your customer satisfaction and revenue soar.

To dive deeper into the hidden dangers of Gen AI in ecommerce search, read our comprehensive guide: Gen AI Guardrails.

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