Forrester has recognized Lucidworks as a Leader in Cognitive Search and we’re confident that our ability to deliver connected experiences will continue to drive success for our customers.

“Lucidworks has expanded beyond enterprise search for knowledge management to also include specifically designed solutions for digital commerce and customer service. The company also launched the Lucidworks Connected Experience Cloud that is designed to capture signals about customers actions on websites and/or apps to train models to personalize search experiences for both product discovery, service, and support…[Lucidworks’] sweet spot is for enterprises that value a one-stop shop to implement both workplace knowledge search and wish to personalize digital commerce product search and customer service/support.”
-Forrester Wave for Cognitive Search 2021 Report



We power connected experiences that improve the customer and employee journey to create a better total experience. Our applications make it easy for organizations to collect signals and act on insights in real-time to drive positive results in knowledge management, product discovery and customer service. Lucidworks received the highest scores possible in the below criteria:

  • Connectors: A vast library of hundreds of businesses and technical data connectors empowers employees to access information across hundreds of data sources with just one search. For example, one of the largest ride-sharing companies deployed Lucidworks to create a single access point to over one million corporate documents that are added monthly. It saved employees on average five minutes per day or an entire 24-hour day per employee per year.
  • Applications: Industry-specific, cloud-based applications including Never Null, Agent Insights, and Predictive Merchandiser make it easy for retailers, support teams, and knowledge management experts to optimize the digital experience in real-time based on behavior signals. For example, one of the top five retailers deployed Never Null and decreased null results by 91% compared to the previous year—that translates into hundreds of millions in sales.
  • Scale: The world’s largest enterprises including Lenovo and Cisco Systems depend on distributed ingestion, indexing, and analytics platforms to help thousands of employees find the information they need, at the moment they need it. For example, Lucidworks Fusion platform was able to break down insight silos at SAS, a leading analytics company, and unify search across nine million documents and more than 16,000 employees.
  • Partners: A robust partner ecosystem including cloud and strategic technology partnerships drives innovation and adoption. Lucidworks is a Google Cloud Technology partner and works closely with industry leaders including Acquia, Accenture, SoHo2, Booz Allen Hamilton, and MC+A.

Our product roadmap, customer service, and ability to execute continues to position Lucidworks as a leader in building connected, omnichannel experiences for employees, customers and support agents. A complimentary copy of Forrester’s 2021 Wave™ for Cognitive Search research report is available here.

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