Delivering relevance is table stakes in today’s ecommerce world. To be head and shoulders above the competition, brands need to curate unique site experiences. It’s critical to empower merchandisers to quickly and easily implement seasonal changes or day-to-day trends, across their public-facing site, without monotonous and time-intensive coding efforts.

Fusion 5.4, available now, extends Lucidworks Fusion’s experience orchestration tools with user-configurable templates and Bayesian Personalized Ranking (BPR) integrations in Fusion’s Predictive Merchandiser add-on. Merchandising teams can now create and save custom page templates to boost engagement by optimizing page zones based on their business needs. Fusion 5.4 allows brands to showcase more of their product catalog without requiring shoppers to browse their entire site.

Orchestrate the Experience Across Pages

Fusion 5.4’s configurable templates empower merchandisers to effortlessly spin up unique page experiences. Merchandisers can easily design, save, and publish page templates across channels using the template manager in Predictive Merchandiser. Fusion 5.4 also equips merchandisers with BPR integrations in Predictive Merchandiser, enabling item-to-item recommendations on any page by assigning a BPR query profile to a zone in a template.

Effortlessly create new page types in Predictive Merchandiser’s Template Manager.


Easily design and publish new page types with no coding effort.


Switch between template types in the Merchandiser View to easily orchestrate search results and zone placements.

New Features in Fusion 5.4

In addition to experience orchestration, Fusion 5.4 includes improved data management, interoperability, and data model capabilities in areas like language detection, JSON editing, and increased connector stability.

  • Language Detection
    Quickly satisfy indexing requirements in real-time by supporting multiple languages. Admins can effortlessly filter and boost assets that are written in the same language as a user’s query.
  • JSON Editor for Data Models
    Edit data models in a JSON format within Fusion’s Data Models UI. Developers can copy/paste their data model object directly into Fusion.
  • Connector Stability (Google Drive and ServiceNow)
    Fusion 5.4 ensures better all-around stability connecting to Google Drive by introducing robust integration testing. The ServiceNow connector has been enhanced to become more flexible in crawling different ServiceNow implementations and providing support when defining and indexing selected fields per table.

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