In ecommerce environments, the customer experience is more closely tied to the brand’s experience than expected. Delivering amazing customer experiences depends on the user’s ability to browse through relevant products and content across pages on your site. If there’s any disconnect, all elements of the experience begin to fall apart.

This is why we created Smart Rank in Lucidworks Fusion. At its core, Smart Rank is a solution that curates the digital experience for customers in a way that is easy to use and straightforward enough for key business stakeholders to understand. Both sides of the equation experience a seamless, delightful experience. Here’s how.

A single solution for search and browse

A common challenge executives and business strategists face when seeking to drive conversion rates from organic traffic is stitching together multiple legacy systems for specific pains on their site—such as site search, browse, and navigation.

With multiple solutions at play, the company can only partially harness each solution to its favor and finds itself overspending on underutilized tools as productivity rates decline due to the challenges of keeping up with the mountains of maintenance each solution demands. In tandem with this, ripple effects arise as merchandising teams struggle to keep pages fresh—leading to dilemmas around stagnant traffic and increased bounce rates.

With Lucidworks, executives can enable their teams to solve various use cases under a single solution. In using Smart Rank, companies can harness their full commerce potential and exceed, at minimum, 10-15% revenue lifts by powering relevance and personalization with automated rankings.

Smart Rank enables users to find what is relevant to them with fewer site interactions by using a shopper’s signal metadata to rank products, content, and facets relevant to their behavior, context, operating industry, or region. Smart Rank is a unique solution as it enables global sites to rank content/items pertinent to a user’s region so that items at nearby store locations are ranked higher than others using popular facets within a given area.

Keep traffic flowing by strengthening SEO initiatives

It’s typical for some businesses to find themselves in situations where they need help driving revenue and driving traffic to their site. This may be for a multitude of reasons—with the most common being:
Outdated sparse pages across a site (category, result, and product pages)
Static content, product, and facet assortments across specific ecommerce use cases
No relevance between top-ranked items and end-users

Smart Rank helps boost SEO initiatives to drive organic traffic and capture revenue by using automated machine learning models to improve the performance of sparse pages across their site by keeping pages fresh. As catalog changes occur and signal metadata is collected in real-time, Smart Ranks automatically updates products, facets, categories, and navigation menu rankings—refreshing pages at scale while strengthening SERP performance.

Automate the creation of high-accuracy rules

In other scenarios, key stakeholders for these systems are stretched thin. Yet, they must still carry out demanding labor efforts to keep up with shopper signals, trends, and expectations. To do this, they must go through a long, tedious process to manually set up and update hundreds of browse, facet, and search rules. But this isn’t something that’s done once in a while. Many stakeholders find themselves doing this as a daily routine as updates become outdated quickly—taking up their precious time as they go down an endless loop trying to make high-accurate rules amongst ever-changing customer behavior.

Smart Rank’s automation not only reacts to buyer context and behavior in real-time but also alleviates immense labor efforts as catalog managers and merchandisers don’t have to create rules for ranking facets, categories, mega menus, and products/content. Instead, Smart Rank creates high-accuracy rules for them and assigns them automatically!

Smart Rank is statically proven to create rules that are 95% effective as, if not better than, manually curated rules. Utilizing Smart Rank’s sophisticated automation and intelligence, business users are empowered to focus more time on uncovering opportunities instead of heavily focusing on labor-intensive updates.

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