Deep Dive Into Lucidworks Predictive Merchandiser

Lucidworks’ new solution for eCommerce has arrived! Join Lucidworks Senior Solutions Manager for Digital Commerce, Liz O’Neill and Solutions Engineer, Charles Burnett for a discussion and deep dive to showcase the power of Lucidworks Predictive Merchandiser.

Lucidworks Predictive Merchandiser provides a visual interface that empowers merchandisers to be self-sufficient — eliminating the time-consuming process of relying on IT to create and manage rules within Lucidworks Fusion.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Enable merchandisers to easily create and manage rules for search results and category pages
  • Get real-time insights into site analytics, search and product performance
  • Personalize the shopping experience to improve conversions
  • Leverage machine learning to decrease the number of manual rules your teams have to manage

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Liz O'Neill
Liz O'Neill
Senior Solutions Manager, Digital Commerce, Lucidworks
Charles Burnett
Charles Burnett
Solutions Engineer, Lucidworks
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