Digital Commerce

Win and retain customers with a superior customer experience

from search to cart to support.


See how Bluestem Brands uses Fusion to increase conversions and customer engagement.

Jacob Wagner, IT Director at Bluestem Brands, Inc.

The world’s largest brands use Lucidworks every day including:

Self-Learning Personalization

Capture and aggregate user interactions like queries, clicks, and cart behavior in real-time so every customer gets a customized experience that is continuously refined and - even taking into account regional trends and seasonality. Make every customer experience personal and ensure every query gets the best possible results.

Automatic A/B Testing

Run A/B testing and experiments so the shopping and purchase flow is constantly fine-tuned and optimized. Go from running a few experiments that take months to get out the door to dozens running live in production - without having to bother your data scientists or the engineers.

View the Customer Journey

See the full customer journey from awareness to transaction to delivery to support to referral. View a comprehensive visualization of every inflection point to see where to optimize and where to investigate with the ability to share those views across your team or organization.

Immediate Access to Relevant Answers.

When customers can’t self-serve, they have to engage the support team (who might then fumble around searching for the right knowledgebase articles). Connect everyone directly to the knowledge they need to get to resolution faster.

Increase revenue per visit.

The world’s largest retailers use Fusion to increase search-driven revenue. So should you.



See how Red Hat uses Fusion to point support staff and customers to the right answers.

John Paul Sherman, Enterprise Search & Findability Manager at Red Hat

Fusion improves your bottom line.

Multi-Billion Dollar Hardware Retailer

Fusion increases search-driven revenue by $6.5M in the first year.

Travel Site Mobile Search

70% increase in site engagement and
33% increase in booking conversions.

On-prem, cloud,
hybrid, everywhere.

And like all our solutions, our digital commerce applications can be deployed on-prem, in the cloud, or on hybrid architectures so you choose the deployment model that best fits your security and operational requirements.

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