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Give Shoppers What They Want, When They Want It
  • Superior user experience
  • Real-time indexing and performance at scale
  • Hyper-personal relevance
  • Performance at scale

Fusion gives you:

  • Highly performant search at scale built on Apache Solr and Spark
  • Pertinent product information to increase add–to-cart
  • Capability to rapidly prototype relevance strategies
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Personalize the Shopper’s Browsing Experience
  • Hyper-personalization
  • Navigation intelligently augmented with ML
  • Ownership of your customer data, to use as you please

Fusion gives you:

  • Signal processing to auto-classify, cluster and tag new products
  • User intent prediction to optimize cross-sell, upsell, and ATC metrics
  • Automated synonym detection and spelling correction
  • Personalized recommendations and relevancy to boost loyalty and average order value
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Curate the Experience With Augmented Intelligence
  • Insights to optimize the customer journey
  • Manual relevancy tuning, where necessary
  • Predictive merchandising

Fusion gives you:

  • Precise control of the search and browse experience
  • Ability to A/B test and refine the user experience
  • Signal aggregation to display the most relevant products to each shopper

The Forrester Wave™: Cognitive Search, Q2 2019

Hear Forrester Wave author Mike Gualtieri discuss the importance of cognitive search and provide insights behind the newly published report.


Lucidworks names leader in Forrester Wave 2019 cognitive search report

If They Can’t Find It, They Can’t Buy It

Drawn from the latest ecommerce usability research, this ebook shows you the dozen must-have query types every product catalog search has to have. See how you stack up!

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12 search queries

5 Stages of Personalization Maturity

Learn how to leverage AI and Machine learning to create uniquely personal customer experiences for your users.


5 stages of personalization maturity

Predictive Merchandiser Increases Conversions and Builds Loyalty

It’s not enough to give digital commerce shoppers a list of vague options. Our human-controlled, machine learning, ecommerce search engine platforms allow you to:


  • Offer real-time hyper-personal digital shopping experience
  • Simplify shopper engagement and purchase paths
  • Increase retention and improve customer loyalty

Immediate Surge in Conversions by Global Retailer

“We absolutely saw a bump in search conversion as soon as we started implementing the more elegant search algorithms that Fusion helped us bring together”

Jacob Wagner
IT Director, Bluestem

Ecommerce Customer Expectations Are Changing

46% of etailers use AI to detect trends and adjust campaigns and stock accordingly. How do you benchmark against leading retailers?


The Hyper-Personalized Digital Commerce Customer Lifecycle


As a customer starts their journey, query analysis personalizes their options leading them to specific and open-ended paths.


Simplify the purchasing path through a better use of data, self-service, customer preferences, and personalization.


Boost your digital marketing and customer service by offering user manuals, peer advice, videos and other content related to past purchases.


Customized reminders, further purchasing suggestions, and targeted offers equal higher conversions and more potential upsales.


Future browsing is tailored to prior purchases product data, offering hyper-relevant suggestions.


Help Desk

Anticipate and proactively solve problems based on accumulated user data, time of purchase, geography, demographics, and more.

Sellers that personalize customer experiences see greater levels of customer engagement
and higher retention.”

- Gartner

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