Retail Edition: Second Annual Generative AI Benchmark Report

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The retail industry is surging ahead in the race to adopt generative AI (Gen AI), according to the latest findings from Lucidworks’ 2024 Generative AI Global Benchmark Study. While deployment across most industries remains slow, retailers are leading the charge in revenue and growth initiatives, experiencing strong financial benefits, and facing fewer delays.


Is your retail business keeping pace?

This free report dives deep into the current state of Gen AI in retail, uncovering critical insights including:

  • Why retailers are leading the way in AI adoption
  • How AI is driving revenue and cost savings in retail
  • The top concerns retailers have about Gen AI (and how to address them)
  • Industry benchmarks for AI spending and deployment

Don’t miss out on the competitive edge AI can offer. Download the exclusive cut of retail findings from the 2024 Generative AI Global Benchmark Study and discover how you can leverage this powerful technology to take your business to the next level.

Despite leading in AI and growth initiatives, 34% of retailers feel they are falling behind their peers


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