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KMWorld: Best Practices for Ecommerce Product Discovery

KMWorld has the ultimate checklist for building your best product discovery strategy yet.

Unfortunately, there’s no “easy button” for creating a search and browse experience that meets your business and your customer’s unique needs. We do know what that aspiration, best-in-class experience looks like: consistently accurate and relevant search results that create more chances to increase average order value and ensure shoppers come back again.

Complexity is inherent due to the data and signals required, the analytics needed, and the actions and triggers that occur to support large commerce search programs. And technologies such as ChatGPT and Bard are setting new expectations for how websites respond to complex search queries. The report walks through four technology capabilities that can help ecommerce companies meet those sky high expectations.

Read the report to learn more about:

  • How smart searchandising serves both merchandisers and shoppers
  • The key to surfacing relevant product recommendations
  • How to banish “no results” from your website’s vocabulary
  • What AI-based search can do for the online shopping experience


The core to a great digital experience starts with the search bar—it’s the place where consumers act with the most intent. Utilizing that customer intent data to get to your organization’s goal—customer satisfaction, sales, and loyalty—takes serious technology and expertise… While AI will not solve all search issues, harnessing what it does best— complex processes at scale—is a natural application to the immense datas sets and models that help make search and browse more relevant for your most valuable customers.

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