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Cognitive Search in Digital Commerce

Cognitive Search in Digital Commerce ebook cover

You have the data, you don’t need more data. You need better search so that your customers can find the items in your inventory that they need, and you can make proactive recommendations, meaning happier customers and more conversions. Using cognitive search, powered by AI and machine learning, you can provide a rich, compelling shopping experience for your customers. But cognitive search has a spectrum of possibilities, from a simple catalog search to omnichannel visibility.

Where does your business sit along the continuum? What potential lies ahead? What roadblocks are you likely to encounter as you move along the path to maximizing the potential in your data?

You will learn:

  • What metrics to measure and track as you expand and increase the power and sophistication of your product discovery
  • Which commons mistakes and blindspots that retailers of all sizes often make and miss
  • How to implement personalization so every customer gets a unique experience just for them

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