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Customer Experience Trends in B2B Ecommerce

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Discover how to build a customer experience that keeps B2B buyers coming back for more! In an exclusive executive conversation with Brian Land, VP of Solutions Engineering at Lucidworks, Digital Commerce 360 delves into the critical importance of customer experience in B2B ecommerce.

  • Why CX Matters: Explore why exceptional CX is crucial for success in B2B ecommerce, and learn how a streamlined, detail-oriented approach can drive customer satisfaction, loyalty, and business growth.
  • Driving Loyalty and Sales: Learn how a personalized CX strategy can meet buyer expectations, support the sales cycle, and impact the bottom line by fostering trust and loyalty. Discover the power of comprehensive search solutions in accelerating the field sales cycle and enhancing the buyer’s research process.
  • Overcoming Obstacles: Uncover the challenges B2B companies face in providing a rewarding CX and explore innovative solutions to stand out in a competitive market. From harnessing the power of large language models to leveraging advanced search and product discovery tools, Lucidworks offers actionable insights to enhance your CX strategy.
  • Partner Success Story: Dive into the partnership between Lucidworks and Lenovo, and discover how upgraded product discovery led to significant increases in add-to-cart rates, reductions in zero-result searches, and boosts in conversions.

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Yet the fact that only slightly over one-third of B2B buyers (36%) graded their B2B ecommerce site experience as excellent is telling.


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