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Consumer Report with DC360: Digital Designs for B2B ECommerce

As a B2B company, it might never have been a priority to evolve your website to match those of the B2C ecosystem. In this rapidly changing and digitally transforming world, that mindset is a thing of the past. We need to start thinking like our counterparts that offer brand experiences and streamlined ecommerce sites that allow our products to shine.

Driving conversions for B2B is definitely a benefit of this forward-thinking approach and in this sponsored research report we executed with DC360, you’ll learn how making the shift will showcase an experience to your loyal customers that will keep them shopping – and buying more to increase sales in a way you never thought was possible.

In this research report you’ll learn:

  • How you need to integrate your ecommerce site with systems critical to serving customers
  • Determine the site features crucial to your site’s success and find an ecommerce platform that either offers them as built-ins or makes them available at a reasonable cost through integration partners
  • Why you need to deploy an effective product information management system to ensure accurate and consistent distribution of up-to-date product data

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