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Ecommerce Trends 2022

The pandemic accelerated ecommerce growth and there’s no going back. 86% of marketing leaders believe digital commerce will be the most important sales channel within the next two years, Gartner reported. Retailers have had to rapidly innovate, iterate, and innovate again to meet the demand and shopper expectations.

Don’t get left behind. Download our guide to 2022’s most important ecommerce trends to follow to keep your brand ahead of the curve. In this guide you’ll learn:

  • The difference between revolutionary and refreshing trends, and why a balance of both is necessary
  • The eight most important trends defining ecommerce in 2022
  • How to understand and apply each to your brand’s ecommerce strategy
  • Why dedicated pre-loved product websites, dynamic search functionality, and next generation categorization will rule the year

Deliver more meaningful digital experiences and stay connected to your customer through these innovative ecommerce trends!

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