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The State of Generative AI in Global Business

The State of Generative Ai in Global Business

Lucidworks surveyed over 6,000 employees involved in AI technology decision-making to understand trends in generative AI investment, common concerns, and strategic planning initiatives. The study shows that 93% of companies plan to increase their investments in AI within the next twelve months. The companies that are hesitant to increase spending on AI are more cautious due to concerns around the security of company data, transparency in understanding how AI-based decisions are made, the accuracy of AI-generated outputs, and avoiding bias.

The report also includes valuable insights for businesses planning to invest in generative AI. Through a comprehensive assessment of Implemented, Planned, and Desired Best Practices, the study enables companies to construct a tailored generative AI roadmap according to their industry.

Download the full benchmark study to learn:

  • Industry-specific trends around generative AI investment
  • The biggest concerns about generative AI
  • Countries that are leading in planned investment
  • The three key business areas global business leaders plan to direct their investments towards
Now is the time to understand the strategy and operational opportunities for generative AI. The fundamental shift that is occurring is swift, global, and highly impactful. This study confirms the emergence of generative AI industry leaders and laggards, and those that move swiftly to orient their practices can move ahead quickly.
—Mike Sinoway, Lucidworks CEO

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