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White Paper: IDC Empowering Digital Workplace

Research by IDC has found that a typical organization employing 1,000 digital workers wastes over $5.7 million annually searching for information. AI-powered search technologies enable immediate information and data discovery, with context personalized to the individual worker. This white paper outlines how AI, machine learning and enterprise search contribute to a more efficient, motivated and successful digital workforce. It explains where AI-powered search solutions such as Lucidworks Fusion fit within the architecture of a digital workplace environment. AI-powered search can help organizations navigate the following trends:

  • Enterprise data will grow from 5 zettabytes (ZB) in 2018 to over 31ZB in 2023, which has made locating the right information at the right time a top priority for digital workers
  • 36% of a typical digital worker’s day is spent looking for and consolidating information spread across a variety of systems. These workers can find the information required to do their jobs only 56% of the time
  • 40% of all digital business transformation initiatives will involve artificial intelligence
  • 75% of commercial enterprise apps will use AI. By 2024, AI-enabled human-computer interfaces and business process automation will replace a third of today’s screen-based B2B and B2C applications

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