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Case Study: New Pig Customers Clean Up With Good Search

A tricky dictionary can’t stop New Pig from absorbing their customers leaks, drips, and spills.

Industrial absorbent manufacturer New Pig had a problem. They make “the world’s best stuff for leaks, drips, and spills,” but the industrial absorbent industry doesn’t always use the same words to describe their products that customers use to search for them.

“They’re not looking for products. They’re looking for, ‘Give me something that cleans up water, but not oil,’” says John McQuade, New Pig Director of Software Development.

This meant returning customers weren’t finding freshly available products they didn’t know by name, and newcomers were getting null search results and abandoning before they became customers.

What New Pig needed was a way to understand the intent behind search terms and to match those intentions with a list of products that provided solutions. And they needed to do this without changing product descriptions. “In our world, the product development folks don’t like their product descriptions changing,” says McQuade. “We needed a good way to get the right user experience without having to dismantle the descriptions we were given.” Read how they did it.

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