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Leisure Travel and Hospitality Booking Trends in 2022

Lucidworks surveyed consumers in the U.S. and U.K. who travel for leisure at least once a year to understand how brand loyalty, budget, and booking options influence vacation planning and how brands can capitalize on pent-up wanderlust.

The survey revealed a travelscape of cost conscious bookers, many who are looking to aggregate sites for booking, despite claiming loyalties to hotel groups, airlines, and cruise lines. The search bar reigns supreme in the digital experience as travelers look to book rooms, flights, cruises, and activities on as few sites as possible.

Check out the report for these three key takeaways and a whole lot more:

  • Loyalty versus price is still up for debate. The number one priority should be understanding your consumer’s preferences across the board.
  • Travel is multi-faceted and the booking should be too. Make it easy for travelers to book multiple components of their trip with relevant recommendations that suit their preferences.
  • Consider the digital experience beyond booking. Ensure consumers can access information, recommendations, and customer service through the search bar and chat bot.

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